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Higher Education

Movement and Voice

Spring and Autumn, 2019 - The Ohio State University

Basic study and training in movement for actors, voice production, and whole body expressiveness.
Methods: Rudolf Laban and Kristin Linklater 
"It was a fantastic class." - Ohio State student
"Connor was an insturctor who cared about his students and wanted them to succeed. I feel as if I truly have a solid grasp on the basics of the Laban technique and Linklater's voice work. I also have the tools to create an effective performance warm up, both vocally and physically, which is something I never felt completely comfortable with in the past...this was a wonderful course where we came to learn and collaborate.- Ohio State student
The Craft of Acting

Spring and Autumn, 2020 - The Ohio State University

An introductory acting class exploring the basic techniques of imagination, concentration, character development, and script analysis through work on monologues, scenes, and plays.
Methods: Uta Hagen and Michael Shurtleff
"The best instructor I have ever had." - Ohio State student
"Connor is always well prepared. He is really cool and would always help us out. He is very responsible. I really enjoy his class." - Ohio State student
"Loved the journals! Amazing teacher who pushes students out of their comfort zones. He creates a safe, intellectually stimulating atmosphere for anyone who has a good attitude and work ethic to succeed." - Ohio State student
"Connor is the perfect example of a passionate and intelligent graduate teacher. When we had class in person, it was always extremely engaging and well planned to utilize our class time perfectly. I came into this class with some acting experience, and Connor taught me (and the class) how to go about thinking about acting in a way that I never though about before, and it changed my entire perspective on the craft as a whole." - Ohio State student
Introduction to Theatre

Five Sections of 30+ Students

2018-19 - The Ohio State University

A study of the art and profession of theatre, with an emphasis on evaluating and appreciating live performance, theatre's cultural importance, and its relationship to issues of social diversity. Students study performance conventions, texts, & spaces from ancient times to present day. Students get firsthand experience in the collaborative process of theatre creation.
Methods: Leslie Ferris, PhD, and Jennifer Collins, PhD 
"Connor pushed students to make them do their best work." - Ohio State student
"Connor was definitely very passionate about theatre and the different aspects of production, which did make the content more interesting and engaging. I really enjoyed the discussions we'd have as a whole class, where he would guide the discussion and challenge us, and he always let us share our own opinion if we so wanted." - Ohio State student
"Connor was very entertaining and interesting! I was thankful to be in his class, as he was so passionate about theatre." - Ohio State student
"...Connor’s engagement with students and the subject matter was exceptional. Connor took the time to form personal connections with each student and offered a great deal of his time and effort to help them out...I plan on taking a course next fall semester just because he is teaching it.- Ohio State student
"Connor is honestly one of the best instructors that I have had. He was genuinely excited to teach and that was crystal clear...Connor truly made this class so much fun and interesting. I would love to take another class with him as he sincerely peaked my interest in acting and theatre." - Ohio State student
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