Movement and Voice

Spring and Autumn, 2019 - The Ohio State University

"It was a fantastic class." - Anonymous Student
"Connor was an insturctor who cared about his students and wanted them to succeed. I feel as if I truly have a solid grasp on the basics of the Laban technique and Linklater's voice work. I also have the tools to create an effective performance warm up, both vocally and physically, which is something I never felt completely comfortable with in the past...this was a wonderful course where we came to learn and collaborate.- Anonymous Student
The Craft of Acting

Spring and Autumn, 2020 - The Ohio State University

"The best instructor I have ever had." - Anonymous Student
"Connor is always well prepared. He is really cool and would always help us out. He is very responsible. I really enjoy his class." - Anonymous Student
"Loved the journals! Amazing teacher who pushes students out of their comfort zones. He creates a safe, intellectually stimulating atmosphere for anyone who has a good attitude and work ethic to succeed." - Anonymous Student
"Connor is the perfect example of a passionate and intelligent graduate teacher. When we had class in person, it was always extremely engaging and well planned to utilize our class time perfectly. I came into this class with some acting experience, and Connor taught me (and the class) how to go about thinking about acting in a way that I never though about before, and it changed my entire perspective on the craft as a whole." - Anonymous Student
Introduction to Theatre

Five Sections of 30+ Students

2018-19 - The Ohio State University

"Connor was definitely very passionate about theatre and the different aspects of production, which did make the content more interesting and engaging. I really enjoyed the discussions we'd have as a whole class, where he would guide the discussion and challenge us, and he always let us share our own opinion if we so wanted." - Anonymous Student
"Connor was very entertaining and interesting! I was thankful to be in his class, as he was so passionate about theatre." - Anonymous Student
"...Connor’s engagement with students and the subject matter was exceptional. Connor took the time to form personal connections with each student and offered a great deal of his time and effort to help them out...I plan on taking a course next fall semester just because he is teaching it.- Anonymous Student
"Connor is honestly one of the best instructors that I have had. He was genuinely excited to teach and that was crystal clear...Connor truly made this class so much fun and interesting. I would love to take another class with him as he sincerely peaked my interest in acting and theatre." - Anonymous Student
"Connor pushed students to make them do their best work." - Anonymous Student



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